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True balance

By Phyllis Greco Bucci and Kim Henderson

Adapted from a Facebook Live event

Today we’re talking about balance, not necessarily healthwise, but your thoughts and desires and the steps that you’re taking be aligned with what your desires are. The times you can relate to being out of balance, when you’re around people, or a situation, or a job that you’re in that just feels uncomfortable. Are you staying in something just because it feels safe? Something feeling safe does not mean that it’s in balance. It just means, in your mind, that you don’t have to deal with that discomfort.
You have to recognize if you’re feeling stuck. I know for many years I felt stuck, and I wasn’t even quite sure what that meant. You feel like you’re treading water. It stays with you, telling you that you’re not in balance.
All of these things Kim is mentioning have to do with things that create stress in our life. Stress really is an internal thing, it’s not an external thing. The stress isn’t out here, the stress is what you’re perceiving all of this to be. Stress changes the feelings in the body.
When you think of being in balance, you can think of a seesaw. When you’re in balance, both weights on both sides are equal. But if your dreams are up here and your desire is down here, then it’s not going to get to that balance until you start putting your intentions out there. Over and over we talk about this energy that’s out there, this power that’s out there, that we can’t see. It’s invisible. But the more you send out thoughts, the more this invisible energy becomes what you’re thinking. When you really know this fact to be true and you use it for the first time… it really brings to you what you put out. That’s when you really start to use it.
If you’re going to go over repetitive thoughts that are bringing you the same frustration, the same stuckness, the same lower feelings that are giving your power away, in fact you are being dishonest with yourself – because you aren’t feeling balanced with what’s going on. Until you realize that fact, that you’re actually bringing these things to you by not letting those thoughts go…
It goes back to what I said last week — Did you practice feeling peace and love in your heart? Did you go out and toss your ego away? Ego is a huge imbalancer. It stops us from enjoying what’s going on because we have to feel like we’re the first, we’re the quickest, all that ego stuff, you have to let it go!
On Mother’s Day, there were things that came up first thing in the morning. I had a very specific plan; I wanted my kids to go and I wanted to walk with my walking club. Well, my kids didn’t get up. But I was going to walk with my club regardless if they come. Even my husband didn’t know what to do. But I said, “Listen this is my day.” That was not being selfish, that was me being me. I’m going with my walking club and we went to the start where I met all of my other friends. I could have let resistance come up. Instead I was letting go of my expectations of what I wanted my kids to do because it wasn’t about them. It was about me, being true to who I am. I’ve been stepping into my authentic self, which is leading to balance in my life.
Shed the notion that selfish is bad. It’s just putting yourself first, which is really important. You have to stop thinking of what people think you should be doing. That is a huge stressor, and stress is what really causes so much imbalance in our lives, which leads to anger, frustration… And ultimately leads to you medicating yourself for insomnia, anger, depression, and then you’re just numbing yourself with medication. Well, how are you supposed to find balance in things if you’re numbing yourself? Medication throws off the normal flow and consistency of balance and homeostasis in the body.
I had a friend call me this morning and she said, I think I need to be a little selfish today. I said, “That’s great, why are you making it such a bad thing?” The minute I said hello to her, I knew something was wrong. She sounded really out of balance. I could feel in her voice, the imbalance of who I know her to be as her happy, aligned, self-fullfilling self. She felt guilty. Instead, she should have been celebrating that she’s going to honor herself, and be her genuine self, this is what we need.
How many of other people’s things can you stuff? There goes your scales again. You’re feeling balanced, then someone does something and you stuff it. This is never going to get balanced until you let that stuff go. You need to release that energy rather than store that up.
“What other people think of you is none of your business.”
-Wayne Dyer
I think a lot of you by now are more aware of what you’re thinking, and what your response will be. Use affirmations: “My mind is at peace. I am at peace. I am a peaceful being.”  All of these things bring your energy field into a more peaceful place. It’s a matter of harnessing the energy out there and own it, own that this energy is available to us. It’s amazing how doors open, how the right people come into your life. It’s also about forgiveness and letting go of that rope around your neck.
Step back, really observe the situation, assess it and as you said, “I know that God’s going to get me through this.” Look at what you’ve come through, survived, and how much wiser you are for it. You’ve raised your ability to face these things and look at them more positively and know that this energy is available to us. You can’t say that you’re not wiser from it, wiser in the fact that this ability to balance our lives and go forward is so much more available to us. I think that the more we hold ourselves accountable for everything that happens, it really brings you into what you’re projecting.. you really understand it’s coming from this Source. When you’re aligned with Source, that’s when this balance starts to happen. The more balance, the more balance arises.
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