By now, most of us have seen or at least heard of the movie “The Secret”…It really sent a spiral about the reality of the Law of Attraction…If you not using it your life, you should at least give it a try…here are the other laws:

The Law of Divine Oneness

The Law of Divine Oneness, one of the universal laws, says that we are all connected. Every thought, word, action affects others.
We are all part of the source of energy. When one suffers, we all suffer. When one grows, we all grow.
That is why when you feel anger, jealousy, frustration, hatred for another you are only hurting yourself. When you feel love, patience, kindness, friendship, empathy for someone, you are giving to yourself.

The Law of Vibration

Another of the universal laws is The Law of Vibration says that the universe moves in a circular pattern. It applies to every thought, feeling and desire. Every thought, sound, object has its own vibrational energy.
We are all here on Earth to raise our vibration. The highest vibration here is one called enlightenment. We seek to help others, aligning ourselves with God and living in His light.
Connecting through meditation, listening to God as He speaks with us. Enlightenment is ridding ourselves of our ego and all that we feel we should live up to in another’s eyes. We can let go of our vanity, our hold on money, our power with friends and family, our perceptions of others and theirs of us. It is a letting go, and true alignment with our true source, God.

The Law of Action
The Law of Action, another of the universal laws, says that knowledge alone is not power. Add knowledge with positive action and it can create a powerful force.
It is the burning desire that drives the action. As Michael Beckwith of Agape International says, “The pain pushes you, until the vision pulls you.”
What do you feel passionate about? What gives you that butterfly feeling in the pit of your stomach? Tap into that feeling!
The Law of Action is waiting for you to move! So many people wait for the perfect conditions before they will even take the first step. That would be like deciding to go to the grocery and getting into your car, starting it and waiting for all the lights to turn green before you leave the driveway.
How does an ant eat an elephant? One bite at a time. It is step by step. Moving forward all the time.

The Law of Correspondence

The Law of Correspondence says that as we think in our mind internally, it manifests externally. “As within, so without,” comes to my mind.
That is why people that are filled with negative monkey chatter create such drama and negative events over and over in their life. Don’t you have a friend that it seems has a long list of all the things that have gone bad in just the last month or two.
You listen to her list and you wonder “How can all of these things happen to one person.” Well, The Law of Correspondence tells us that when we focus on junk in our minds, we will create junk!
So create what you want first on the inside and allow it to manifest in the physical world.
This is one of the universal laws that is known by another familiar name. It is often called “karma”.

The Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect, one of the universal laws, says that nothing happens by chance. For every action, there will be an equal or opposite reaction.
For example of equal reactions: When we react to others with kindness and love, it comes back to us. When we react to others with jealousy, anger, frustration, that comes back to us.
Say that someone you love is very upset. The equal reaction would be to be upset with them. The opposite reaction would be to provide calm words and actions, thus providing them with a peaceful environment, delaying there frustration.

The Law of Compensation
One of the universal laws, The Law of Compensation says we are rewarded by giving of self and service to others. You can’t give without receiving in return. English Metaphysical poet Francis Quarles describes the Law of Compensation: “As there is no worldly gain without some loss, so there is no worldly loss without some gain.”
We can not have success without failure or losses. We can not have joy life without some painful moments. You must travel through the desert to get to the promised land.

Author Andy Andrews tells this great story called the “Storm of Perfection” when he was a little boy his father took him hiking.
They were in a strong drought and everything was so dry, all the ponds, the trees, the grass was brown and withering. While hiking, a huge storm hit them. He was so scared, but his father comforted him.
With lightning, thunder and rain all around them, they took shelter under a tree until it was over. The walked around after the storm and noticed rain water rushing into the beaver pond filling it up. The beavers came out, the other animals in the forest.
The storm has replenished the land. It was a “storm of perfection.” It provided all that they required.
The Law of Attraction says that whatever you focus your attention and energy upon, you will attract more of the same, whether wanted or unwanted.
This one of the universal laws has had a lot of attention in the last few years! Sometimes people don’t understand that positive energy attracts more positives and negative energy attracts more negatives. Like attracts like.
When you have conversations about what you don’t like or don’t want, you are attracting more negative energy. Once you begin to talk about what you do want, you will attract positive energy. Your vibration changes when you talk about what you want.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation Energy
Another of the universal laws is The Law of Perpetual Transmutation Energy says that anyone has the power to change conditions in his/her life. The higher a vibrational energy will align with other high energy and it has the ability to raise lower energies.
Within the universal laws, one has the ability to change, transform and grow.

The Law of Relativity
Universal laws of The Law of Relativity says that everything is in perfect order.
It says when we look at others situations and circumstances that our worse than ours, we feel blessed. When we look at others that we feel have a better life, we feel envious….hence, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!
Nothing is good or even bad until it relates to us. When you’ve experienced a hurt or sick child, you are more empathetic toward parents with a hurt or sick child. When you have a friend that has had her heart broken by a ended relationship, you can feel her pain, because you have experienced it.

The Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity says that everything has an opposite. You heard it described in the universal laws “As above, So below.”
What does this mean? We’ve all played with magnets at one time or another. With a magnet, there is a negative pole and a positive pole. If you connect the alike poles they bond together creating a strong force. If you attempt to put the different poles together they bounce off of each other not connecting.

Men and women are different, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray in 1992 showed us that, right?! Even though we are alike we are very different. It creates strong attraction of opposites.
A balance is a good visual to understand the Law of Polarity. Each side is opposite from the other, yet working together. When you place an rock on the right side that side goes down with the weight. If you place a rock on the left side it either raises above the right side, falls below it or if the rock is equal weight, it is balanced. Even though they are different and opposing each other, they are working together.
With good comes bad, with light comes dark, with black comes white. Although it would seem that you wouldn’t want bad or poor right? Well, out of the negative will always come the positive. It must!
How boring life would be if there were no opposite. Remember in Groundhog’s Day? To live the same day over and over with no variation! It wasn’t until he started experiencing life, making changes, doing things differently that his life began to transform!

The Law of Rhythm

The Law of Rhythm, one of the universal laws, says that everything is vibrational energy and it has a rhythm. There are rhythms to life. There are seasons, cycles, birth-death, patterns to living. It reminds me of the Lion King song, “The Circle of Life.”

The Law of Gender

The Law of Gender says that everything has a gestation period or an incubation period. Every thought is a seed planted into the universe. It takes time to cultivate and grow. Even when you can’t see the physical form, know that it is being manifested.

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