Want to make someone feel better?  Want to brighten up their day with the fact that you thought of them?  Make it simple and even the smallest gesture.  Or maybe you just need to feel better.  This is for you too!

I have never had anyone come in and say “someone got me this crystal and I hate it” or “it makes me feel terrible”.  So many of you come into my Holistic Apothecary and say how NEW you are to all of this, but really, something about it struck a nerve to a memory, and your just trying to remember what you all already know.

I am feeling like I should write this today because, more than ever, people are opening to the fact that Crystals, really do influence the space that they are in.  They do magnify energy around them through their own frequency and affect the environment.  With us, it is not the physical body they resonate with, it is our energy field, our Chakras.  Chakras are the energy centers in the body that respond to our emotions and even more than that, but that’s a whole other story for another time!  I’ll get to it soon or you can see my YouTube series on them.

Crystals work with our energy system and that is how they ultimately effect the physical body.   This is recorded through history and has been scientifically proven.  Crystals have back up since ancient times and by all cultures.  Do your research before you doubt or judge, please.  How would your watch work without that quartz crystal?  How would your computer store data without the crystal computer chips…so lets get to the truth here.

You can pick a crystal because you are drawn to it and then you find out the properties are a few you needed.   Sometimes it can be for something in the future that hasn’t happened yet, which is already in your energetic field, but hasn’t surfaced yet. That’s how energy works.  Whatever the reason, you’ll find out when you are supposed to.  It may not be right away or even weeks or months…I have had a few that were a year or two before it became clear why I needed that one specific crystal. Maybe your drawn to a hematite and your traveling soon and its good to have for motion sickness!

Sometimes you are not drawn to specific crystal but you are attracted to the color and one of the reasons could be that it strikes a nerve your not ready to deal with that is buried deep in your cell memory. Whatever the reason, season or nudge, the bottom line is….Crystals can soothe the mind, relax the physical body by raising the energy field with its own frequency and even (snowflake obsidian) can absorb lower energy so that you don’t! 

When you are using them with a thought of something you would like to manifest, they magnify your thoughts and what you are feeling to the Universe!

Crystals can brighten your day, or lift someone’s spirit that needs it.  And, “I have too many crystals” said no one ever!  Check out our selection and see what resonates with you!

Play, have fun with it, but trust that you will feel the change!




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