The body tells the story of what is going on in your life. We just never got the manual.

We are completely made up of energy and frequency. All the muscles, bones, organs, and the systems that they make up. Sometimes you walk into a place and feel comfortable  and other times you don’t feel comfortable.  We FEEL everything. We have energy centers called Chakras that also receive energy from our thoughts that will also affect your over all health! That will be a whole other topic!

 Every organ is designed for different functions, in addition to being a receiver to our emotions at all times.  Lower sad thoughts create lower frequencies, good thoughts create higher frequencies.

The liver filters the blood and conjugates the hormones. But has the unfortunate job of holding onto our anger. Very angry people could end up with psoriasis of the liver. That why it is so important to let go of unhappy thoughts and feelings, especially anger, resentment, unresolved grief.

The lungs hold sadness. 

The stomach is worry. 

The pancreas is your sweetness in life, and when something happens, when you lose that something sweet in your life, it could be the trigger for sugar issues! 

Bladder Issues?  Who are you pissed off at?  What do you need to say to somebody that your not…which eventually will wind up being a sore throat with all those words trapped in there.   All of our emotions are connected to organs. Each time we have a thought, every thought, the energy, high or low, goes to the respective organ and effects it either positively or slows down the function.

If you really want to figure out what’s ailing you, think about some of the stresses your stressing about and how they relate to what symptoms you may be reflecting in your body.

If your knee hurts think what situation in your life you are not bending to change The list goes on and on. 

Louise Hay goes into more depth, with her  wonderful life journey of her own healing, “You can heal your Life”.

You should check it out and see if it resonates, I imagine it will.  If you want help to get back to balance and do some healing…Call and come and see us!


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