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Taurus Full Moon Astrology October 24 2018 by Kristie Kull

Full Moon in Taurus

The Sun entered Scorpio early yesterday morning and today we have a Full Moon in Taurus at 12:45 pm.  In the house that Taurus rules in our chart we seek love, beauty, stability, and comfort.  In this house Taurus asks us what we value and/or how we want to be valued by others.  As the moon moves into this sign it will meet up with Uranus and could “shake things up”.  Uranus often brings sudden and unexpected changes. During this moon you may find yourself focused more on love relationships and your financial situation.  While this change may feel unpredictable and uncertain over the next 2 weeks, it may also feel exciting.  Sudden change of any kind can feel disruptive and scary, but this moon will also make an easy aspect with Saturn, helping us to feel more security and stability around all of these sudden changes.

To help integrate this Full Moon energy,  Full Moon ritual.  Because this particular Full Moon may be having many of us focused on our love lives or money issues, maybe make a grid that focuses on that.  Some crystals that you can use in your grid are, green aventurine, citrine, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, and emerald. If you’re unsure of how to make a crystal grid, watch this video that Phyllis made on Monday that will show you one to try.

If you want to learn more about how this Full Moon might effect you personally, call the Apothecary to set up a consultation with me.

– Written by our lovely Kristie Kull

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