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Are you new to Crystals? Let me introduce you…

Crystals are still a mystery to some.  But for others they are beauty from the earth, healing tools, the best gifts and beautiful when worn as jewelry.   For thousands of years in different cultures and various religions they have been used for healing, protection, various rituals and worn in the breastplates of the priests.  Some, like myself, see them as a source for light and energy.  I have collected them for a lifetime and began using them for my own healing and as healing tools for others.  Of course, let us not forget how they magnify the energy around the environment they are in and assist with the manifestation of intentions.

Their vibration is so high that just by holding one in your hand, you can close your eyes and feel the energy in your body shift.  This may take practice but you will eventually feel it.  I only say to close your eyes because it will heighten your sense of feeling. Whether you believe or not doesn’t matter in their being utilized, they have their own energy and can change a space in moments!  So if there was say for instance an argument in a room, you can smudge with sage or palo santo to clear and adding a crystal to the environment will purify and raise the energy.  Low will always go to meet high, high will never come down to meet low.

I feel that at the present time, using crystals to center and get focused, is a simple way to take a little break from the chaos.  Children are so open and drawn to their energies it fills my heart with such Joy!  They are so innocent and pure yet they feel the crystals energy and can tell you what they feel.  I see it all the time here at the shop when they come in. 

You can raise the vibration of your physical body the moment you hold the crystal in your hand… You can use them for meditation, to raise consciousness, increase intuition, health issues ( with a professional) as talisman and wear around your neck, hold them in your hand, have them in front of where you are sitting to meditate or on your desk at work for concentration.  Some crystals can even go into your drinking water to change the water and raise the energy of the water and it actually tastes better.  Do not just get any crystal and run and put it in water, some are very toxic if ingested.  That’s why I love my crystal bottle.  The crystals are in a separate section than the water but they still effect the change in the water.

The magnitude of the possibilities of working with stones is endless.  My hope is that you will at least give it a chance, to feel for yourself.

Here’s a little exercise to  help you get started!

Sit in a quiet comfortable spot.  No distractions.  I like to light a few candles one or none is fine, just my thing.  I believe the candle light helps to bring in the influence of divine guidance.  Maybe some soft meditative music.

Hold your crystal in your left hand.  If its one crystal, I do this because energy enters the body on the left.  And right to the heart.  Close your eyes.  Take a few deep conscious breaths and begin to follow the flow of the breath through the body.

Now, visualize the crystal you are holding, the color, what it feels like in your hand and begin to notice any sensations in the body.  A tightness that relaxes, little energy flows…it may not be profound at first but it is still doing what it does whether you know or not.

I don’t want to plant seeds but truthfully, you should begin to feel lighter  in your physical body and very relaxed.  We each will have a different experience.  I can only guarantee, you will feel lighter and more centered!

Have fun with it!  Experiment with them.  Connect with them, you won’t regret that’s for sure!

Age Really Is Just A Number

The age thing…I just have to address this……

When people come to see me and they start with “My knees are really achy, I’m 42 (or 35 or 50) so you know”….I know what???? Why do we equate our aches and pains and dis ease with age?  Yes the body does age, but it doesn’t have to break down the way it does as we get older but there are other factors to consider that people never do.  Think about all the cycles of change our life brings….we’re in grade school, peer pressure, high school hormone issues and self esteem issues, college/work pressure, then career, marriage, children.  Stressors that we can only say “life happens”!  We don’t even realize we are always living in a state of fight or flight.

There are chemicals put in our foods that break down the body and literally cause diseases.  We take medication over the years that make us deficient in vitamins and minerals we are not aware of.  We use and burn nutrients in the body every day and a lot of that will depend on the work you do.  A Construction worker is going to need more calcium than someone that sits at a desk all day working in an office.   The point is, the better care we learn to take at different ages, due to the new conditions we’re under, the better the aging goes.  You change the oil in your car. And you put in a new filter. When was the last time you took some dandelion and cleaned your blood and then fed your liver some milk thistle or black radish to clean this filter?

My best advice is that as best you can keep a clear head.  Learn how to respond with more clarity to what we are living with right now.  And I would start as young an age as you can.  You can always start from where you are but you can’t go back.

I love making my videos because I think there is a lot of information about living in a healthier way and we just don’t know, because no one told us or looked at it this way!  I am passionate, in case you haven’t noticed, about what I do.  My joy comes from knowing someone slept better, calmed their anxiety, has more clarity, poops regularly, that would be 3 times a day, or their life is just getting better because they feel better now.  I tell people what I do pretty much on a daily basis and its not a borage` of supplements.  I have been doing what I do for a very long time.  Herbs since I’m 19!  I don’t expect what works for me to work for everyone because we are all different.  What I can do is help you to figure out a protocol to get you to where you want to be or assist you to learn how to maintain being in a good place!  You have to be conscious of addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual conditions and then go from there.  Look forward to seeing you at the Holisitic Apothecary when you are ready to take that step to peace of mind and balance in the body.

Where do I get my energy? How do I stay Healthy?

So many people ask me what I take every day to be healthy and maintain the level of energy that I do.   What vitamin do I take?  Well, I don’t.  I have never really taken a vitamin.  For starters they are too random.  Not everyone needs the same amount of nutrients as everyone else.  Please tell me who makes up the RDA across the board for every human? And, they are vitamins and minerals out of their natural compounds.  I take greens, specifically Spirulina, Chlorella and Wheat Grass.  These three super foods are exactly that.  SUPER FOODS!  They are packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace minerals and they are exactly how we find them in nature.  This is going to add to the natural life force.  We resonate with herbs and plants.  They are FOOD!

Here’s my thoughts.  I can take a lot of nutrients that are feeding my body and replacing all the nutrients I use everyday.  Then I don’t run out of important foods to keep me alive.  If I don’t, my body breaks down, I start to get different symptoms of illness because now I’m not balanced.  Mainstream Medicine doesn’t address imbalances, it stops the symptoms that your body is talking to you with to tell you what you need….The other choice is going and getting on medicine for every little thing and wind up with 10 pills a day that do nothing but trick my body into thinking it has what it needs.  Then a bunch of dangerous side effects.   Then I get to have more pills for the side effects.   Just the thought makes me sick and tired of being sick and tired because that is what it does.  I never tell anyone to stop medication, some are necessary.  My thought is to feed the deficiency while on meds and let your doctor check and maybe lower your dosage until your balanced.

This is the combination I take.  At 63, it has worked well for me and if its not broken…..Here is a little about each just to teach you enough to decide for yourself whether it would be good for you…oh and no negative side effects, just for the record!

Spirulina is one of the most nutritious and nutrient-dense foods on the planet. It is 60% protein, more than red meat.  It has 18 amino acids and that includes the essential amino acids and non essential.  Amino acids are the building blocks of protein in your body and they are essential to repair and build your body.  It is also an amazing source of phytonutrients, copper, iron, manganese, potassium and B Vitamins, iodine just to start!  It also helps to detox heavy metals from the body.  It contains chlorophyll, cleans the blood, reduces inflammation, may reduce high blood pressure and many other benefits.

Chlorella is another algae.  It is good for boosting immune function.  It is packed also with some very important vitamins and minerals and also omega 3’s.   B vitamins, magnesium, calcium ,zinc, copper and folic acid to name a few.  It has also been used to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol.  It’s an excellent source of protein and it is an anti-inflammatory.

Wheat Grass is high in nutrients and antioxidants.  It also has been known to kill cancer cells.  It also may reduce cholesterol, promotes weight loss because it stimulates the thyroid.  It has also shown that it may reduce blood sugar levels.

There is one more thing, and the most important I have learned, and that is my daily routine includes Hemp cbd.  I am feeding the body the materials to rebuild and repair and the CBD gives clear instructions to the body to get into balance.  So my body gets both at the same time.

CBD gives you the perfect 1:3 ratio of omega-3s, including omega-6 fatty acids. These are great for your heart health, blood pressure, and for boosting your immune system. Furthermore, CBD works within the endocrine system to balance the release of essential hormones and to maintain homeostasis.  It also takes the stress out of your mind so your body is able to function better.  It gets rid of anxiety.   That alone is worth it.  If your still on the fence about trying CBD, your really missing out on something that your body already produces to a certain time and its all about balance and anti inflammatory and a host of other benefits!  I will not go a day without it!

Only you can know how you really feel.  You need to trust what you feel to make educated decisions for your health.  I will educate you.  As much as mainstream medicine poo poos natural supplements if they put their money into researching God’s Pharmacy, we could have a healthy happier world.  But, since they will not, you can get healthier by giving us a visit and we find out what you need and can tailor a healing protocol exactly just for YOU!

Did you include you in those Future Plans your making?

I am just curious…. Have you thought about life after you retire…I am talking at any age.  We start prepping ourselves financially for when we can retire and enjoy our later years…. Why is it that so many people retire and fill their weeks and days with doctor appointments?  Were you dealing and living with pain for so long you couldn’t wait to retire to take care of yourself?  I swear some people take a job just because of the medical benefits…like they are preparing to be sick as soon as they get to a certain age.  We are in America and sickness has truly become a business.  An out of control business, where others profit from your illness. 

Here’s the big secret! So much of the illness we incur is due to lack of nutrients.  It’s actually 3 things.  The body’s ability to digest nutrients, absorb them to feed the systems to rebuild them and finally, move the toxins out. 

Problem is we consistently place stress on ourselves, either self-inflicted or watching the news!  We partially chew our food and neglect proper digestion because we never relax to go into rest and digest. Being so preoccupied with social media, planning, worrying- how does all of that affect your bathroom habits? Sorry but before they meet me, only 2-3 out of 10 people, go to the bathroom and move their bowels daily.  Let alone 3 times a day.  YES 3!  Stress, nutrient deficiency and toxins are what throw the body out of balance.  

And then you must factor how our emotions and the chakras (energy centers) are affected, now getting stagnated by toxic thoughts.  If you are thinking toxic thoughts, they are going to stay in the lymphatic system and colon until you let it go! That is a whole other story…. soon to come.

Why not take care of your body now and focus on the upkeep of this one body that you were blessed enough to inhabit.  With all its little imperfections it is still perfect for YOU!  So, take care of it. Allow me to make it simple for you!  For those of you that are not so familiar with Natural Medicine, it does not mean a thousand pills a day and shakes you can’t take!  I can tailor a specific protocol for you to restart and begin balancing your thoughts, your body and ultimately your life!

Essential means Essential Trace means you need a small amount! But you still need it!

Your body has an innate ability to heal itself and maintain balance with the right nutrients.  Some nutrients, trace minerals, copper, zinc, chromium to name a few, are the minerals that help the body to get into and stay in balance.  Our body doesn’t manufacture these minerals that is why it is important to supplement and get them from your food.  Iodine is a trace mineral.  You remember in school the mineral chart.  Do you know why Iodine is at the top in the middle by itself?  You need iodine for thyroid hormones to control body metabolism.  You can get iodine from seaweed, grains and eggs.  They don’t teach you this in school, but without Iodine, needed in every cell, you don’t absorb any of the elements below it on the chart!

 I believe the best absorption and to get the balance you need is to get your minerals and nutrients from foods.  HERBS ARE FOOD.  I don’t take a specific vitamin.  I take herbs that contain the vitamins and minerals my body needs.  They are in their natural compounds and easily digested and assimilated by the body.  If you start taking trace minerals by themselves, chances are that you will take too much or not enough and cause an imbalance somewhere.  For example, too much zinc could cause a deficiency in copper because they are both absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and in a similar way so you may wind up copper deficient.   It also helps to form hemoglobin and collagen. Then your hair starts to thin and fall out because it depends on oxygen at the follicle to grow…and for the hair color.  Yes lack of copper is gray hair!  Foods high in copper, you can start with beef liver, cashews, dark chocolate, nuts, seeds, chickpeas and legumes.

 We need zinc for many reasons.  It helps the immune system to protect us from viruses and bacteria, to make proteins and DNA.  When you are pregnant and through childhood the body uses zinc to grow and develop properly.  Zinc deficiency can present in the body as poor memory, brain fog, frequent colds, leaky gut, hair loss or gray hair, PICA (cravings for non foods) and slow wound healing are only a few symptoms.  You can get zinc from burdock, chamomile, parsley, turmeric, sage, oregano, garlic.  Veggies such as broccoli, spinach collard greens, kale, mushrooms and asparagus.   Fruits such as pomegranate, avocado, blackberries (my favorite) raspberries, apricots, bananas and many more!

So you see the body always wants to be in balance.  Calcium and magnesium are really important especially if your heart freezes….Magnesium relaxes the heart muscle.  The body uses calcium to stiffen up during stress and then looks for magnesium to relax.   Problem is if you used it all from the stress of last week and you didn’t have any extra resource in the body, well do I have to really explain this scenario?  Hope not.   Just take the essential nutrients for proper balanced functions in the body and be healthy and have a happy life!

Hope this helps you out a bit and come and see us if you want more!

Let Me Color Your World

As we begin our new normal….one big change is our home life!  In a lot of ways it has been awakening and very positive for many people…. for others, a struggle and confusion.  For some of you, your house has become your living space, office space and possibly a classroom very soon!  How is this going to work?? Here are a few Feng Shui tips to help out where they apply.  As expected, everyone’s living space is different so there are some details that would need to be worked out.  Your workspace must allow you the environment for working, thinking and creating.  Your personal space should be rejuvenating, relaxing, inspiring and comfy cozy.  Your schoolroom section…colorful and without any distractions. The colors should be those that promote clarity, creativity, and focus.

I want to keep it simple, so I will give you some color to choose to make your environment appropriate for the task at hand!  You don’t have to now repaint all of your walls.  You can move some pictures around, or add some pillows for contrast.  Crystals are my go-to on my counter, desk and night table! Use what you already have and just move it around.   I have listed the colors and a short sweet description to get you started!  I teach this in my Feng Shui classes, but I think this would be helpful for you now.  Everyone needs a little inspiration and ideas! And yes, it involves change!

This is general, I am just giving you an overview to think about and to play a little! Have some fun with it!!  I would love to hear how it turns out for you.  Keep me posted.

Red…is a very powerful color!  Red is dynamic and promotes passion…about work or intimacy. Because red is so stimulating, it is still as potent to use just as an accent color to any room.  For example, in the bedroom, you want earth tones and skin tones of the room accented with red pillows, candles, crystals, and/or maybe a chair in the place where you want the more dominant color.

Orange…stimulates conversation and creativity.  Orange is great for a school setting and where your focus is while working when you are on the phone.

Yellow…great for intellectual thought! It also makes you feel happy and it encourages optimism.  Yellow is great for an office, a kitchen, a playroom or a craft space!

Green…very balancing, calming and it’s wonderful to put in the money corner (far left corner of any room). It is healing and tranquil.  Green stimulates possibility and it is very inspiring.  Green is one of those colors that works nicely anywhere. Everyone loves to eat in a green kitchen.  Green stimulates the appetite.

Blue…calming and cooling.  Light blue increases creativity and can be very inspiring.  When I say cooling…you definitely do not want your bedroom to be blue!

Purple…represents nobility, abundance, intuition and dignity.  It also adds passion to the thoughts you are having.  Purple symbolizes success, wisdom and psychic ability.

This isn’t all the colors I just gave you a taste to get started! Colors stimulate your emotions. Play with color and see how inspired you are to work or how relaxed they make you feel.

Something you may want to experiment with is designating an area within a space.  If you have two rooms side by side with the same flooring, maybe throw down an area rug to distinguish one space from another.

If you want to take it a step further I’m happy to set up a consultation.  This is what I do.  As a Holistic practitioner I love that I can teach you to balance your inner world and your outer world!

Feng Shui is you delegating to the Universe exactly what you want in every area of your life.  You are in control of the message you send out.

Drumming for inner sync!

The art of Drumming has been used in many cultures for thousands of years.  From religious ceremony, as a way to communicate, connecting with spiritual energy…an ancient art used therapeutically for the results it presented.

Medical has already done the research and one thing that they have confirmed is that drumming causes Entrainment in the brain…that means that the right and left side of the brain are balanced! So that means that the logical side and intuitive start to work together…guess what happens…your intuition becomes stronger!

Drumming has also shown in research that new neural connections grow and this helps to deepen our experience of the healing it promotes. 

I have personally witnessed the response with clients with pain, depression, Alzheimer’s and a few other issues.  I learned drumming 15 years ago and LOVE it!

Drumming increases the Alpha waves (calm-meditative) and this helps with depression, high blood pressure among other things.  Beta waves are when your in concentration mode!

So check it out! Nothing to lose but all the feelings you may want to balance!

Full Moon in Cancer with A Lunar Eclipse



I’m not an astrologer but I do have some knowledge because of my learning in Western Feng Shui with Ralph and Lahni DeAmicis, International Astrologers and Feng Shui Masters.   Here is what I want you to be aware of for this Full Moon in Cancer, Lunar Eclipse (dig deep, reflect) this Friday January 10, 2020!

So it’s a Full moon in Cancer.  Cancer the 4th house that rules home and hearth.  Our home base, attachments, nurturing, family….Opposite Capricorn, career, reputation, how we’re known, work, nose to the grind!  Clearly these are areas we need to balance in our lives!  It doesn’t have to be a struggle! This full moon is about balancing our home life and career.  You may find it hard to not express your feelings, but that is OK! This is an amazing opportunity to really understand our emotional needs. With the Lunar Eclipse a lot of emotions will surface, they’ve been in there for a while but now it the time to express and move forward with solutions! We all need to be nurtured!  All kinds of relationships can be challenged right now but should absolutely be channeled in a positive way to bring fulfillment.

You will find out your feelings count!  This it the open to pave the way to new direction! Isn’t it about time!

Here’s the tools to magnify what you want!  Quartz crystal, the mother of all energy! Moonstone, Carnelian, Amazonite and Rose Quartz!!  Get your sage or palo santo, do a little clearing…and then write those intentions for releasing and getting aligned!

Enjoy, Let Go, Be Free to BE!  Go For it!

Winter Solstice…Blessed Be…Happy Yule

Winter Solstice…December 22,2019…..


The Winter Solstice falls, December 21st or the 22nd…This year the 22nd.  And so what is the Solstice, what does it mean for us?

Solstice’ comes from the Latin word solstitium which means ‘Sun stands still’. The Sun’s movement  North or South, in Capricorn, actually stops before changing direction.   It is the darkest day of the year.  It is when the Sun Energy becomes becomes abundant with energy aligned with regeneration, renewal and self reflection.

It is also referred to as Yule.  The celebration of the Goddess, the Moon energy.  After the Solstice the days are longer, more light…and then we move into Spring and there is the Spring Solstice, March 21st, usually.

Intentions of most of the Solstice/Yule traditionally, is to celebrate new ideas and release the darkness and bring in and bathe in the light, welcoming back the sun and the days grow longer.  It is the perfect setting of energy to acknowledge our shadow self and allow for the  wisdom that it shares with us, and then we may  bring the light of awareness into the darkness.

We are a reflection of the universe that is outside of us and it is a reminder that” What takes place outside of us, must also take place within us.”

Light candles, reflect and journal your intentions for the year ahead and play.  I am using Garnet for Gratitude, Snowflake Obsidian to darw the emotions to the surface to reflect and release and Bloodstone to heighten intuition and boost my creativity!

Come out of your comfort zone.  Use what you are drawn to,  Be free….

Love, Peace and Blessings

It’s Never too late!!!


We live in a world where being ill or out of balance has begun to be the norm! We don’t even know we don’t feel well until one day a pain disappears for a little while.  Sometimes, unless its chronic.  But it had to start sometime and wasn’t addressed properly in the beginning.  People stay in jobs they hate just to have medical coverage, but those jobs are toxic and create so much stress and that stress results in body imbalance.  So let me understand this.  You hate what you do.  You can’t have a normal life because you’re stressed, tired and sick all the time.  You have to pick up slack for others that aren’t happy at the job either, but you have great medical benefits…GOOD…. Because you’re going to need them…oh, heads up- they are not so great when you retire and have to get your own….

People plan to travel in retirement when really their days start filling up with doctor appointments!  We are not designed with removable parts.  We were made to nurture, be spiritual, be emotional and be physical. We are supposed to learn to take care of what we were born with.  Love it, care for it, feed it with healthy nutrients to rebuild it and keep it running. But most of us do not.  When would we learn this?  The Food Pyramid from 1st grade.  Give me a break.  More Milk from Dairy?  By the way that’s not a milk mustache, that’s a puss mustache from the cow puss they inject in milk during pasteurization.  FACT!  And, how about all the hormones and carcinogens that are put in that concoction!  Why can’t we beat the war against all these heavy hitting diseases???? Because our immune systems are dealing with an environment that is not natural to the human body.  So, how can we help our immune system?

I personally work on this all year every day, something for immune.  I have begun putting a mushroom blend and Collagen in my morning Cappuccino.  If you don’t know how medicinal and preventative mushrooms are for you…LEARN! It doesn’t change the taste and I feel great.  I feel great because I feed the necessary components in my body to make me feel great.  And I do it every day. I use Colloidal Silver, Propolis Extract, Co Q 10, enzymes when I eat, Probiotics and a few other staples.  We actually manufacture Co Q 10 up to a certain age and we also believe it or not manufacture cannabinoids.  In our Brain.  YES CBD.

I have been doing what a do, supplementing,  for a very long time, however, it’s never too late to begin.  Why wait for New Year’s Resolution?  Why not now?  When would you like to start feeling better and enjoy life?  You can start today the decision is yours.  We have a wonderful selection of different supplements to choose from and can help you figure out what you need.

FYI…the reason they are labeled Supplement, because we have to supplement our so called food with nutrition.   The amount on the bottle is for maintenance only.  It is not a therapeutic dosage. That is most of the reason when someone goes out and buys a supplement they just read about to heal and they only take the recommendation on the label….it’s not enough to meet and exceed the body’s needs!  That’s where I can be of assistance.  To help you with the correct dosage for you personally.   As a Holistic Physician, ND., this is my passion.  To teach others how to sustain health, clear the clutter in the mind that creates imbalances and show you a way to make your life easier.

Whatever age you are, start prevention.  Give your body the necessary nutrients that built it to sustain homeostasis.  Prevention doesn’t mean we won’t get symptoms.  We boost our immune system so your defense is ready.  Vitamins, Herbs and other natural supplements replenish what we use every day in our daily life.  If you are extra active and go to the gym, are you replacing all the nutrients that are being used to fuel your effort?  Calcium and Magnesium, Collagen?  Probably not.  It’s time to start!

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