No, it’s not new, its ageless, you must remember who you are, and what you can do. That you are all inclusive.

Implementing Vibrations into your Space to raise yours…part of this Spiritual Journey you are so curious about…and the tools!

You begin a healing and evolving journey when you feel this undeniable urge to change your present circumstances.

All sorts of reasons: Because they don’t feel comfortable. Maybe, because you are not happy. Possibly feeling bored and wanting more out of life. Your growing, someone isn’t. You have a burning desire to do something that you Love, every day and get paid for it. Covid ripped the rug out and maybe you have no choice. Whatever the conditions, the nudge, its time.
The Universe doesn’t rip the rug out and not give you choices of where to fall. I’ve learned that. But who cares, let’s move forward! Here’s how I ask for guidance:


The tools I like to have handy consist of any of or all the following:

Journal – to jot down my intentions and why I think it should happen

Crystals – to bring the physical body to higher energy vibration. Start by holding the crystal in your palm, close your eyes and just be. Feel what the physical body is vibrating like, really tune in. You’ll be able to feel the shift and begin to feel lighter and more connected to source energy. Now state in your mind your intention, or guidance requested, with what to achieve what and why.

Candle(s) – Spirit loves natural candlelight, and it sets a tone for the space and just enough light to be in a relaxed state. While lighting your candle, state your intention again, out loud is nice because you can feel the vibes in your body.

Incense – preferably Frankincense or Nag Champa…to help with relaxing into a deep calm. Always pick a scent that is pleasing to you.  The scents work with the limbic system of the brain to calm and allow you to be attentive at the same time and focused. Forget about the day and focus on the creative process your in.

Crystal or Tibetan Singing Bowls – They allow you to feel the release of lower frequencies that may be blocking your receiving.

Place, anywhere they seem to fit well, any crystals you are drawn to have in the space to raise the frequencies. Don’t worry about the why, just go with what you feel and hear. This would be in addition to the crystal for the focus of your intentions!

Focus on what you want your situation to look like. See it, feel it, know that it is possible and on its way.

Nice deep breaths, stay in that place for as long as you like and stay aligned with your desires. Only focus on what you want! ONLY WHAT YOU WANT!

You know when you’ll know your aligned and allowing what you want to come to you?

When you start seeing and following the signs you get. Synchronicities start becoming natural. When you truly begin going with the flow of life by trusting the Universe. By knowing you deserve all that you dream of having, always for the highest good.  And remember, your in control, of  your thoughts only…not another thing or anyone else, only your thoughts and that is where you create from.

Blessed Be


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