Are you finding yourself really procrastinating about taking chances and moving forward with plans…  Then you can figure out the solution and move on.  Got the crystal to help you free yourself and get moving….MOOKAITE…a beautiful jasper from Australia.  Its an excellent Solar Plexus stone, the Chakra center of personal power.  This stone will stone to help bring to the surface, deeply buried issues holding you back.  Perfect for a time when we are moving deeper into our own knowing of the self.

Mookaite is anexcellent stone to connect with the earths electromagnetic forces.  Therefore, your kind of plugged in to a natural current and not only will that help ground you but you’ll have that focus you need to prioritize and get moving!  You can begin to look at change in your life as new opportunities.  Remember, we are in a Universal energy of hitting that reset button…and the next 6 months are urging us to stay moving forward, to just keep your momentum going.

Our intuition is at a high level and following it now is really in your best interest.  This stone really promotes feeling and knowing your natural instincts and makes it so much more comfortable to follow and trust them.  Personal power and direction to move in…I’ll take a dozen!!!! You know that gut instinct…mookaite will intensify your spiritual knowing.

It has been thought to also useful in helping to treat cystitis, kidney and bladder issues…assists in keeping good energy in the kidney and bladder and helps us to stay hydrated balances mineral levels in the body.

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