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The Caretaker….of everyone and everything but time to go inward with that care….

Virgo is the nurturer in the zodiac. This New Moon brings with is a feeling of restlessness, due to circumstances beyond our control. But what is in our control is how we respond. The Universe for the past 7 months has pretty much forced us to shut down, stay in and we spent a lot of those months moaning, groaning and worrying. With good cause. Fear of not knowing a thing about what was happening and all the doom and gloom in the media. Let’s make this a time of re-birth. This Year is almost coming to an end and now is the time to pave the way to where we are going.

Virgo energy is strong and independent. We are experiencing a feeling of powerful inner growth and so many of us are moving into their spiritual awakening. We don’t have to hold onto the vibration of how this year began. It’s time to shed the fear and get ourselves in gear for the next few months and year coming. Get away from the fear and hostility. Move from the tension and panic. As cliche’ as it sounds, we have to hold on to our light now more than ever. If you don’t believe you have it just shut your eyes and imagine and there it is. We vibrate to Love and it is up to us to move out of our own way and find that inner peace. Connect to our divine self and hold that space where we are not susceptible to outer chaos and we can’t be drawn into it because our light will shine to bright to allow darkness….This SUPERMOON energy, oh did I mention its a SUPERMOON, will magnify and assist in creating what you need.

When you finally realize your inner potential, you will begin to move forward and find peace and lose the anger and realize we have all that we need to exist within. We can bring harmony to our lives and others if we can realize and hold this vibration. How do you think I can stay so chill all day? People come in and they are free to let go of all that is distracting to them and begin to heal. I stay in my space and vibration and find it so natural to be there, in spite of whats going on around me and then it allows me to have clarity to assist whomever I am working with.

Join me on Facebook Live tonight on Holistic Apothecary. I am going to guide you through a Meditation for the New Moon. I want you to have your favorite crystal. I am going to teach you a meditation you can do to learn to bond with your crystals.


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