This page is completely divinely inspired. As I was speaking to my close friend Sandy last night, she told me about a chain of events that took place recently. This involves Sandy’s Sister my dear friend Sherri Cox, who sadly and very suddenly passed away July 16th 2008. The events she revealed where so awesome that I said to her “more people need to share these happenings.”

I invite you to share your angelic experiences with us so that more people will be able to relate and validate their own happenings and begin to open to the possibilities that are there for us. Please post your experiences below in the comments so we can all share in the magic that surrounds us daily.

I know everyone at least once, has had an experience, relating to a passed loved one, or something they heard in their head and couldn’t explain, that they know happened but couldn’t believe it.  And, most of all didn’t want to tell anyone because they would think they were crazy!!! Sound familiar? Well, I have been having these experiences all my life and have never had the fear of telling anyone so everyone always thought that of me. That is okay because I realized that they didn’t know…yet…and someday they would. Angels and souls that have moved on are around us all the time. They are there for the asking. They are there to guide, to give us answers, some help us stay or get onto our paths, warn us of danger, the list goes on and on. Think about this…we are all made in the Image of the creator. There is a part of him in all of us. Why do we need a third party to talk to him or ask him for assistance? That never made sense to me. We simply need to go within, find that place and ask. We have to find quiet, peace and a center and the rest will just happen. Our lives are so stressful with our daily outside obligations that we lose sight of what is already contained within.

I just found out about five years ago that the old woman who lived upstairs at my Grand moms house in South Philly was my great grand mom who died five years before I was born. No wonder my Mom and Aunt Marie never knew who I was talking about! I used to go up there on the third floor and there was a room where this old woman sat and rocked in her chair while I was playing with my dolls and talked to me.

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