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Whether or not it’s the Weather…


In my field, which I choose not to call “work”, I hear many things throughout the day as my clients describe their stressors to me.  I don’t take this lightly because I know how stress can effect our abilities to see things clearly and from a centered and higher place.  My response is always the same: “Try to see your stressors in a different less panicked response.” – This redirection is actually helping me utilize the same methods of processing everyday life.

We are all thinking that it is so hard to turn a negative thought into a positive thought in order to start making positive healthy minded changes in your life.  We are all aware that our thoughts inside manifest themselves outside. We also know, and there are no exceptions to this universal law, that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. No situation or person gets a get out of jail free card – setbacks become lessons, learned on the  journey of your chosen path, on which there are signs, directing you to the desired outcome, even if it doesn’t look that way. So on my way here today I was thinking, what might  the Universe be trying to tell us with all of these Earthly imbalances (hurricanes, snow blizzards, fires, floods)? These environmental stressors coupled with our already hectic everyday circumstances are the reasons I’m observing people come to me frantically.

I’m going to use this as my example.

Weather conditions make us not want to go out.

So is the Universe trying to drive us in? If so, it would look like the weather is a huge sign to go within – to spend some time in solitude to really get to know ourselves.  To know ourselves is one of the most basic elements of living and it is detrimental that we take the time to learn about ourselves. Now its not sounding so bad. When else would we make time to do self care, in the midst of our crazy busy day?

Its not hard at all:

Set the mood.  Think of your intention.

Create your space.  Be comfortable and away from distractions.

Light a candle.  Preferably an Intention Candle!

Pick some crystals that are matched to what  your focus is,to place around in your space and you will magnify and enhance your intention.  For example, Travel -Malachite, Love- Rose Quartz ,Emerald, etc.,

Crystals raise the vibration of any intention and environment that they are present in. They are also made of the same minerals that work together to give us life. This is important because these aspects allow you to use the energy of the Earth in a positive way to manifest change when all around us the powerful Earthly weather activities are being perceived as negative. Crystals help bring balance through the raising of the physical energy field which influences our more subtle emotional energetic fields.

Now think of the first thing in your life you would like guidance to change, and why. Focus on this part of your life and picture the outcome as you want it to be.  Remember you get what you ask for so be very precise and clear. It may not look exactly like you pictured, but what you wanted will be there.

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