The direction your doorway faces is determined when you are standing inside of your house looking out at the street.  What ever way you are looking, that is the direction also that your door is facing.  So now what do they mean….Some people don’t even use their front door. Shame shame….Your front door is “how your known, how the world sees you”.  If you don’t use it your not activating that.  So if you have a business and your not using your front door because the side door or garage is easier…How is anyone going to know?  Even if you just go open and walk out and close it you are activating the energy.

And of course beside direction, there is always position.  To the left, right or center.  That’s another topic I will cover soon!

Here, I will do my best to help those confused by the Feng Shui books you’ve read about doorway directions.  Short and sweet….

If you have a Southern facing door, this is an energy that makes things that you set out to conquer much closer and easier.  The southern facing door has the Solar System energy and that would make the subject of what you want much closer to you achieving because the Sun and solar system are so close to Earth.  So in other words, life is a little easier to reach your desires!

Now with at Northern facing door, this is representative of the Stars and the Stellar light which is much further away and therefore, whatever you are setting out to do, you will achieve.  It will just be an uphill climb because the energy is saying “much further away”.

An Eastern facing front door is nice for new beginnings.   Fresh start.  Its where the Sun rises and begins the day so the energy carries that intention with it!   New relationships, new career!  The kids are usually out before you know it!

Western facing front doors are really good for the partnership.  The WE in Western.  So if your business door faces west and your in a partnership, you have a good chance it will be a success. Personal relationships are enhanced by this doorway also.   You may also find yourself packing your grown children’s bags for them and letting them know its ok to move out!  Just because it is a little too comfy.

So of course there are cures, that’s what I can help you with.  No, you don’t have to move your front door.  I can help you with some things to put around or outside that will shift the energy to what you need.  You can check out my Feng Shui tip videos on you tube. There I have posted a short 4 -5 minute video for each section in a room. Just to get you started.

And if you want a suggestion for a very simple but thoroughly amazing and to the point book,  read “Feng Shui and the Tango” by Feng Shui Masters Ralph and Lahni De Amicis.


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