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The Law of Divine Oneness states that we are all ONE!

The Law of Divine Oneness states that we are all ONE!

They’re rubber…You’re glue…Everything you say sticks back to you

Nature, all of humanity, plants, EVERYONE!  Everything we think do or say has a direct effect on others.  Obviously this is because we are all energy and vibrating.

So here is an example:  Your partner is never on time.  This angers you.  Your first reaction is to yell and scream and be angry.  But stop for a second and think, if you were late. Do you want to be screamed at? And yes I realize this is recurring which becomes frustrating…so let’s look at it this way…

Since we are all connected and everything effects everything and everyone…wouldn’t this response make things work a little better.  

“we are always late for things and I know its not consciously done…but I feel awkward making excuses, what can we do to make sure this doesn’t always happen?”  So now, its not a conflict we are working as one to make the change together so nobody has to feel uncomfortable.  Clearly this takes some respect for the other persons feelings but you are now coming from a place of love and correcting the situation!  Remember, if you put the anger out to someone, it’s coming back to you.  Getting angry can ruin your day do you really want to start out that way?  I didn’t think so!  The world responds to you the way that you do!

When we are born and for quite a long time we are with parents and caregivers which gives us a sense of security and bonding.  As we get older and start school and being around peers a certain amount of that security is replaced by outside energies that change our energy to experience ourselves separate from others.  Its very subtle.  When you think of sound going out to the universe it never really stops but at some point you can’t hear it anymore but it is still there.

Its all about working together for the common good.  Service to others.  Its about coming from a place that you want others to come from.  Stop and think.  How would I like this to be presented to me.  It only takes a second or two to think…what im sending out I am bringing to me…in actions and words!

So the point here is and a solution is…Think and find the kindest way that you can resolve your differences with people.  Anger is a very uncomfortable feeling, its heavy, and draining and its not good for your liver.  

So today and all week, practice thinking before you react to things, find the common goal of the highest good of everyone involved and just this little step:

Am I coming from a place of Peace?

Am I coming from a place of LOVE?

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