Moving through a Mercury Retrograde doesn’t have to be something that you dread for the next three weeks. For those of you that are not familiar with this event I’ll explain as simply as I know it!

Here is what it means:

The Earth, Mercury and all the planets are rotating. Mercury, the planet of communications, slows down. The Earth now gets the message that communications have slowed down or stopped!  I can’t tell you how Here are some suggestions for what to do and maybe what not do during the next three weeks:

OK, so that means what?

Use your intention rather than logic.  Look at things with a different perspective, maybe a lighter one. Reorganize or review your present situation.  Meditate and journal…that’s truly helpful when you feel scattered or unsure.  Take care in the words you choose to speak and avoid miscommunications and meltdowns.

What you should or maybe shouldn’t take on, and crystals to help smooth the way!

You never want to make any large purchases or sign contracts during a retrograde.  Wait the 3 weeks. Try not to make any major life changing decisions. If your plans were already in motion that’s ok, but don’t start something new now. Buying a new computer or cell phone may prove to be more of a pain.  New Job, New Lease…take precautions and if it appears during the retrograde, wait to commit.  If it’s that good of a deal or if it’s meant to be it will be!

I have clients that call me to see if there’s a retrograde when a realtor is at a closing and the papers from the bank don’t come through correctly…Contractors want to know why the loans from the bank for the next project is being held up. Why they had to replace their cell phone 3 times in a week!  Any technology that communicates anything, fax machines, cell phones, texts, computers, just to name a few, especially they can all can have little glitches all of a sudden!

What’s significant during this Retrograde?

This retrograde falls into a time when Venus, the planet of Love and self expression, is merging with Mercury, the planet of communication, in Scorpio. This makes for a very powerful energetic impact…its pretty much that way any time a planet is changing direction.

Its essential that we communicate from a place of love and within our heart-space during a mercury retrograde. BE very aware when you speak, especially intimate conversations.  Listen and with an open heart. With Scorpio in charge right now, be assured it will be deep and have meaning!  Be ready to align with the Divine creative process.

 Enjoy the journey…Peace and Love



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