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Sound healing is not new!  In many different cultures all types of drumming, bells, singing bowls, tuning forks, toning and chanting have been used for thousands of years. I am sure you all realize there is music that makes you want to belt it out and then there is that music or sound that makes you cringe!

Singing bowls are believed in, and I believe in them because I have witnessed the healing – the way sound can calm the mind and in turn reduce stress.  Sound or Vibrational healing can lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, improve your mood and very importantly, relieve stress.

How does Sound Healing work?

Sound healing entrains the brainwaves to synchronize so the brain can attune to a balanced frequency.  So now, we can go from beta (normal waking consciousness) and at some point wind up in delta which is sleep where healing can begin.  At that level the body is relaxed without all the chatter that has the thoughts that disrupt and scatter the body’s ability to be calm, in balance and heal.

We simply move from imbalance to balance.

Be Aware!

Awareness is a key factor.  As you are receiving the sound, you arrive in this place of stillness.  I tell my clients to repeat a healing mantra as I play the sound.


There is chronic pain in your hips or knees.  So this may prevent you from climbing, walking long distances, bending, etc….So ask yourself, if I didn’t have this pain, how would my life be different? Answer is the mantra, so you can repeat in your mind, “I can move about freely and easily”.

The new higher vibration goes into the body and the cells and old lower cellular memory of imbalance cannot stay in the same space as the higher frequencies.  We all need to take responsibility for our dis harmony and then in turn our healing.  You become completely aware of the sounds and the shift that is taking place at a subtle level.  You can say your body is meditating to sound.  I like to visualize floating in the middle of an ocean and all the ripples are carrying all the old away.

Sound healing effects our physical and subtle energy fields.

Click here to read an article about how sound therapy releases Nitric Oxide in the body which is really important for pain reduction in the body!

Happy Learning!!!



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