I am just curious….
Have you thought about life after you retire…I am talking at any age.  We start prepping ourselves financially for
when we can retire and enjoy our later years…. Why is it that so many people
retire and fill their weeks and days with doctor appointments?
 Were you dealing and living with pain for so
long you couldn’t wait to retire to take care of yourself?  I swear some people take a job just because
of the medical benefits…like they are preparing to be sick as soon as they get
to a certain age.  We are in America and
sickness has truly become a business.  An
out of control business, where others profit from your illness. 

Here’s the big

So much of the illness we incur is due to lack of nutrients.  It’s actually 3 things.  The body’s ability to digest nutrients, absorb
them to feed the systems to rebuild them and finally, move the toxins out. 

Problem is we
consistently place stress on ourselves, either self-inflicted or watching the
news!  We partially chew our food and neglect
proper digestion because we never relax to go into rest and digest. Being so
preoccupied with social media, planning, worrying- how does all of that affect
your bathroom habits? Sorry but before they meet me, only 2-3 out of 10 people,
go to the bathroom and move their bowels daily. 
Let alone 3 times a day.  YES 3!  Stress, nutrient deficiency and toxins are
what throw the body out of balance.  

And then you must factor
how our emotions and the chakras (energy centers) are affected, now getting stagnated
by toxic thoughts.  If you are thinking
toxic thoughts, they are going to stay in the lymphatic system and colon until
you let it go! That is a whole other story…. soon to come.

Why not take care of
your body now and focus on the upkeep of this one body that you were blessed enough
to inhabit.
 With all its little imperfections it is still
perfect for YOU!  So, take care of it. Allow
me to make it simple for you!  For those
of you that are not so familiar with Natural Medicine, it does not mean a thousand
pills a day and shakes you can’t take!  I
can tailor a specific protocol for you to restart and begin balancing your thoughts,
your body and ultimately your life!


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